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GNU Radio

Free and Open-source Radio Astronomy Software for all experience levels

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List of people involved and contact info for joining the project

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Mailing List

If you have questions, expertise, or interest in any field related to OSRT’s goals and you would like to contribute your ideas to our growing community, please join our OSRT Members Mailing List. To check out past discussions, visit our Archives.


*Our forum is currently under construction*

Contribute to the Wiki

We are eager to populate our wiki with telescope plans and designs as well as pages explaining important DSP/hardware electronics/radio astronomy concepts. If you would like to contribute, first please create a user account by clicking the link. Then, follow these instructions to get started!

Other Active Communities

If you would like to check out other active discussion groups in areas related to amateur radio astronomy, digital signal processing, or citizen science, you may want to check out these websites:

Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers: Email Discussion List

The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) is a group of radio astronomy enthusiasts who design and discuss all aspects of amateur radio telescopes and astronomy.

GNU Radio Mailing List

GNU Radio is an open-source software dedicated to digital signal processing, and can be used in many radio-astronomy related applications. They have an active mailing list and searchable archives which are an excellent reference to anyone interested in using that software.


The Zooniverse Project is a collection point for a variety of citizen science projects. One which might be of particular interest to visitors of this site is Radio Galaxy Zoo, a project which encourages citizen scientists to analyze radio data and look for radio jets of distant galaxies.