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GNU Radio

Free and Open-source Radio Astronomy Software for all experience levels

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Reading Materials

Here is a collection of reading material and other helpful learning resources related to radio astronomy and radio telescopes:

Amateur Radio Astronomy

The Radio Sky – by Jeff Lashley; contains some good starting points for various radio astronomy projects, as well as some hardware basics.

Getting Started in Radio Astronomy – by Steven Arnold; walks you through several radio astronomy projects, such as Radio Jove and others, and outlines aspects of radio science, such as electricity, magnetism, the ionosphere, etc.

Radio Astronomy: Science

Unseen Cosmos – by Sir Francis Graham-Smith; fun book on the history, science and major discoveries of radio astronomy.

Essential Radio Astronomy – by James J. Condon and Scott M. Ransom; advanced but clear introduction to the science behind radio astronomy radiation fundamentals, how radio telescopes work, and more.

Digital Signal Processing

The Essential Guide to Digital Signal Processing – by Richard G. Lyons and D. Lee Fugal; short, easy-to-follow introduction to digital signal processing concepts, such as sampling, Fourier Transforms, spectral analysis, etc.

Quadrature Signals: Complex, But Not Complicated – great article on in-phase and quadrature (I/Q) sampling with some description of the math involved.

I/Q Data for Dummies – another article on I/Q sampling with helpful graphics.

Field Expedient SDR series – a collection of books by Paul and David Clark that provides a hands-on introduction to software defined radio, signal processing, and related topics with tie-in exercises using GNU Radio.


Electronics for Dummies – accessible introduction to electronic components and their functions and how to put them together in a circuit.

Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Ohm’s Law – helpful article that explains several basic concepts of electricity clearly with great analogies and visual aids.