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Use this page to practice creating links and content! You cannot damage anything!

Starting a New Page[edit]

There are two simple ways to start a new page:

  1. Editing an existing page
    1. Hit the "edit tab" on an existing page - such as this one!
    2. You will now see the 'source text' for the page
    3. Somewhere appropriate in the page - do it below in the next section - enter the name you want for the page, enclosed in double square brackets, for example [[My New Page]].
    4. Save that edit.
    5. The first page (this page) will now have a red link to the page you want (the red color indicates that it does not exist).
    6. Select that link! The page will be created, and you will be put into the editor
  2. Enter the name of the page you want to create in the search box at the top right of every wiki page
    1. The problem with that approach is that your page will not be linked from an existing page.

Create Your Own Links Here[edit]

Feel free to practice adding new pages and content here. We'll periodically clean this section up.

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